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What will you find on this website?

The purpose of this site is to serve as a “hub” for all assets youth may find useful in Arran-Elderslie. As youth ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be to access the community’s resources since they’re scattered across so many platforms. With this in mind, we created AEYouthHub to be the center for all things youth.

Youth Resources


Volunteer Opportunities 

Explore our database of volunteer opportunities in the area best suited for you


Mental Health & Wellness resources 

See our Mental Health Resources linking to external sources in the area that can offer you support. PLUS view our Coping Strategies listing our personal favorite ways to improve our wellbeing.

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Connect With Your Community

Learn more about your community, read what local youth have been up to and what activities/ events are happening.

Who We Are

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The Arran-Elderslie Youth Council is a volunteer opportunity provided by the Municipality of Arran-Elderslie, and Trinity Theatre. It consists of youth advocating on behalf of all youth in the Arran-Elderslie community. 

The Arran-Elderslie Municipal Council may ask the Youth Council to advise on issues pertaining to youth. Additionally, service groups/clubs may ask for Youth Council’s input on projects. There is also the opportunity for the Youth Council to take on larger advocacy issues within the region. 

The Youth Council works on community projects that they are passionate about. The Youth Council also works to promote volunteer opportunities for youth that are available in the area through local community groups.  

Additionally, the Youth Council works to communicate with the larger community through monthly updates published through the local newspaper and newsletter, posts on the @ArranElderlsieYouth Facebook and Instagram page, and a yearly report to the Arran-Elderslie Municipal Council. 

Members of the Youth Council experience a number of benefits including exposure to local careers and municipal government, youth job opportunities, learning and skill-building opportunities, and more, all while gaining volunteer hours. 

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