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The Municipality of Arran-Elderslie is home to the communities of Chesley, Paisley and Tara and the rural townships of Arran and Elderslie.


Paisley, ON

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Chesley, ON


Tara, ON


The Municipality of Arran-Elderslie is home to 6,800 residents who enjoy the natural landscape and rural life. People have found that Arran-Elderslie is a great place to live due to its proximity to major employers as well as the rural lifestyle, small town safety and lower housing prices. Major industries within Arran-Elderslie include agriculture, retail, tourism and construction. Arran-Elderslie is known as a welcoming community that many find to be the perfect place to buy their first home, raise a family, own a business or retire to.

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The Municipal Office is located in Chesley. This is where you pay taxes, purchase dog tags, fill out a burn permit, and staff also work here. This is also where the Arran-Elderslie Council has their meetings.


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Meet the Arran-Elderslie Municipal Council

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Mayor Steve Hammell

Steve and Amanda along with their three daughters Madison, Hailey, and Ava live and farm near Dobbinton.   Farm life comprises of both Dairy and Beef cattle and some cash crops. Municipally Steve is in his third term on Council, having represented the Arran Ward for two terms before becoming Mayor in 2018. Steve enjoys being a part of a team that helps people reach their goals.  Whether it is a new or existing business, Recreational activities,  Emergency Services, or simply getting to work Steve’s goal is to continue to have Arran-Elderslie a great place to live, work, and play, while providing services effectively and efficiently.

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Deputy Mayor Mark Davis

Mark was born and raised in Arran-Elderslie and lives on the 10th Concession of Elderslie with his spouse Carolyn Walker. Mark is a farmer, a licensed real estate representative for Caldwell Banker Saugeen Real Estate and is a trained auctioneer that does fundraising auctions for several worthy causes. He is our most experienced member of Council with over 20 years serving Arran-Elderslie and Elderslie Township before that.

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Arran Ward Councilor Ryan Nickason

Ryan was born in Arran Township, west of Arran-Lake and moved to Allenford with his family in 1963. He married his wife Carol in 1974 and has two children, Rodney and Julie Ann. Rodney married Melissa Carrier and they have 3 children, Katilyn, Spencer and Bella. Julie Ann married Craig Kamrath and they have two sons, Cole and Carter. Ryan and Carol have lived on Thomas Street in Allenford for 40 years and now their children also live on Thomas Street. Ryan retired at 65, however he still works at Georgian College part time and also for his son at Nickason Electric. Ryan has been working at his trade for over 40 years.

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Chesley Ward Councilor Doug Bell

Doug was born and raised in the Chesley area. He was a farmer until the mid 1980’s and he then moved into Chesley and began working for the Town of Chesley and following the amalgamation, he continued working for the Municipality of Arran-Elderslie. Doug was elected to Council in 2010 and has served for 3 four- year terms. Doug is married to Isabel and they have 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren. He enjoys watching the Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Blue Jays.

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Elderslie Ward Councilor Brian Dudgeon

Brian was born and raised on the same land as his ancestors farmed. Brian and Kim, along with their 3 children Owen, Grace and Sadie, run a beef and cash crop farm as well as 2 small agricultural businesses. Both Brian and Kim feel a great sense of community and volunteer whenever the opportunity arises. Brian also sits as a board member on two Agricultural boards in the area.
Brian is proud to be a councillor in Arran-Elderslie and strives to make Arran-Elderslie fiscally responsible while maintaining services.

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Paisley Ward Councilor Melissa Kanmacher

Melissa and her husband Kevin and 2 children moved to Paisley in 2002 and opened the Saugie Suds Laundromat in Paisley in 2016.

Melissa is an active community member and looks forward to continuing to contribute to making Arran-Elderslie a great place to live.

With a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Guelph, Melissa has worked in the field of social services since attending high school, in the small town of Wallaceburg, Ontario.

Melissa has spent many years working in communities throughout Ontario and the United States. After meeting a diversity of people from all walks of life, she believes that people are more alike than different. Most people are striving for the same things – financial security, a safe place to live, a healthy life, and a community to belong to. Her priority is to support a civil, collaborative and creative Municipal environment that will take advantage of the current economic growth in the region.

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Tara Ward Councilor Ryan Greig

It is Ryan’s honour to be elected as a council representative for the Tara Ward within the Municipality of Arran-Elderslie for the first time. Ryan has lived in Arran-Elderslie for 15 years, 10 in Tara. He has always been close to Tara, as he has lived in 4 residences his entire life and has yet to change his postal code. Ryan and his wife Lyndsie find this area the perfect place to raise their 3 boys, Waylon, Hunter, and Chester, and continue to volunteer and stay active in the community to help make it as amazing as it can be.

Ryan looks forward to serving Arran-Elderslie ratepayers with well informed decisions, good ideas and forward thinking. He prides himself on being a problem solver, a good communicator and approachable. If there are any issues Ryan can help with, do not hesitate to reach out and he will do his very best to help. As Recreation chair, Ryan looks forward to helping make our facilities and services the best they can be for everyone in our community, especially youth and seniors. Ryan also sits on the GSCA Board of Directors and Tara Arran Fire Board. Ryan looks forward to the challenges of Council and hopes to make a difference while occupying his seat!


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The Municipality takes care of a number of facilities, including the community centers in each community, medical clinics, libraries, fire departments and more. The Works Department takes care of the roads, sidewalks and bridges on Municipal roads. The Municipality has about 50 full time staff, working in departments such as finance, clerks, economic development, recreation, public works and building. There are also many part time and seasonal staff who also work for the Municipality. The Municipality also hires students in the summer as lifeguards, day camp instructors, museum attendant and tourism, water assistants and public works students.

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